There are those who would tell you that the ultimate journey would be a journey into outer space, but they would be wrong. The ultimate journey is the journey that begins the moment you take your last breath and your brain waves cease all activity. In that moment you begin the last stage of your personal journey by stepping beyond the threshold of death. It is a journey which has been destined from the moment you took your first breath. No reservation has to be made, but there was a price that had to be paid for that which you were destined from the moment of your conception. And yet, you can accept the gift of the final destination or you can reject the gift. It is a gift which has been paid in full by the precious blood of Jesus Christ and the destiny God has willed for you is eternity with Him, but as it was from the fall of our original parents, the outcome of the destination is entirely in your hands.

What happens when you leave this material world and enter the spiritual realm? What should you know about what your life will be on the other side of death? What are the "last things" that will concern you when you cross the threshold into eternity? Traditionally the Church has defined the "last things" as 4: Death, Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. However, in this study we will be focusing not only on these "last 4 things" but we will be expanding our list to include the 8 last things of concern for humanity from the moment of death to the new creation of heaven and earth at the end of time. Our list of the "Eight Last Things" includes:

  1. Death
  2. Individual Judgment
  3. Heaven
  4. Hell
  5. Purgatory
  6. The Second Coming / the Resurrection of the Dead
  7. The Final Judgment
  8. The New Creation

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