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John with his third letter Agape Bible Study
The Third Letter of John

The Third Letter of John is the shortest of the writings in the New Testament, being slightly shorter than the Second Letter of John, although assigned more verses. As in the Second Letter, the writer, traditionally believe to be the Apostle St. John Zebedee, identifies himself only as —the presbyter. However, unlike the Second Letter, he is writing to a single individual and not to the entire church community. Unlike the First and Second Letters, the writer is not focused on the major themes of the truths of faith, obedience to the commandments, or the Christian duty to love one another. However, love for one another, walking in the truth, unity in the Church, and warnings against false teachers are common threads that connect all three letters. Instead, John's chief concern in the Third Letter is about personal relationships within a faith community where a man name Gaius is a force for good, while a man named Diotrephes is not. References for the course are found in the Course Bibliography.
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