1. Catechism of the Catholic Church
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  3. The Apostolic Fathers, Roberts & Anderson
  4. Manners and Customs of Bible Times  Ralph Gower
  5. Reading the New Testament, Pheme Perkins
  6. Reading the Old Testament,  Lawrence Boadt
  7. The Works of St Augustine, translated by P. Sehaff
  8. Making Sense Out of Scripture  Mark R. Shea
  9. Apocryphal Gospels and Acts  Ante Nicene Fathers v. #8 Ed Roberts & Donaldson editors
  10. Faith of the Fathers  Volumes 1,2, &3. William A. Jurgens editor
  11. Offerings, Sacrifices & Worship in the Old Testament, J.H. Kurtz
  12. Ancient Israel, Edited by Hershel Shanks
  13. The Jewish Old Testament Commentary, Daivd Stern
  14. The Jewish New Testament Commentary, David Stern
  15. Numbers in Scripture, E.W. Bullinger
  16. Works of Josephus, translated by W. Whiston
  17. Eyewitness to Jesus, Carsten Thiede & Matthew D'Ancona
  18. Christ in the Passover, Ceil & Moishe Rosen
  19. Word Meanings in the New Testament, Ralph Earle
  20. Church History, Fr. John Laux
  21. Handbook of Biblical Chronology Jack Finegan
  22. Mass Confusion  James Akin
  23. The Lamb's Supper, Dr. Scott Hahn
  24. Nelson's Complete Gook of Bible Maps and Charts, Thomas Nelson Publisher
  25. Dictionary of the Bible, J. Mckenzie
  26. Sinai and Zion - An entry into the Jewish Bible,  Jon D. Levenson
  27. Bethlehem to Patmos, Paul Barnett
  28. Why do Catholics do that?,  Kevin Orlin Johnson
  29. What Catholics Really Believe, Karl Keating
  30. Catholic Doctrine,  Edited by Russell Shaw
  31. Harper's Encyclopedia of Bible Life, Madeliene & K. Land Miller
  32. The Temple, Alfred Edersheim
  33. Feast of Faith,  Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI)
  34. The Search for the Twelve Apostles, William McBirnie
  35. Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus, Joachim Jeremias
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  37. Ignatius Study Bible (Commentaries) by Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch.
  38. Introduction to Christianity, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI)
  39. On Covenant, Many Religions, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI)
  40. Hail, Holy Queen, Dr. Scott Hahn
  41. Ante Nicene, and Post Nicene Fathers, 38 volumes