Agape Bible Study


Please note that some events are taking place simultaneously and it is difficult to decide which event to list first. There also seems to be at least 3 groups of women going to the tomb on Sunday morning [this is counting Mary Magdala as "one group"]. The order in which these women see Jesus is not easy to determine but this is my best guess: Mary Magdala goes to the tomb before dawn but is later joined by Mary of Clopas and Salome. Seeing the stone rolled away Mary Magdala immediately runs to find the Apostles. Mary Magdala only finds Peter and John. She tells them Jesus' body was missing. While she is gone the other Mary and Salome go into the sepulchre and see the angel as recorded by Matthew and Mark; they run away in fear. These women returned to the city. In the meantime Joanna and her company arrive at the sepulchre and are addressed by two angels. They leave to take the Angels' message to the Apostles where they are joined by Mary of Clopas and Salome. Peter and John begin the journey to the tomb followed by Mary Magdalene who was making her second journey to the gravesite.. It was during her second visit, after Peter and John's departure, that Mary of Magdala sees the angels and speaks with Jesus. Receiving Mary's news that she has seen and spoken with Jesus, Peter goes a second time to the tomb, but he only sees the linen clothes lying in the tomb [perhaps this is when Peter meets Jesus as recorded by Paul in 1 Corinthians]. Jesus appears to the disciples on the road to Emmaus, to the 10 in the Upper Room, a week later to the 11 and then Apostles meet Jesus in the Galilee.