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References to the Sermon on the Mount within the Epistle of St. James

Letter of St. James Jesus' Sermon on the Mount from the Gospel of Matthew Context
1:2 5:12 Rejoice in persecution for the sake of the Kingdom
1:4 5:16; 5:48 Good works glorify God and complete and perfect us
1:5 7:7 Asking God for what is good
1:2, 12-15 6:13 Asking God for what is good
1:17 7:11 All that is good comes from God
1:19-20 5:22 God's justice is never served by anger
1:22-23 7:24-27 Listen to the words of God and put them into practice
1:25-27 7:21-23 One must be a doer of the word
2:5 5:3 The "poor in spirit" (those who deny self-sufficiency and admit they need God) are heirs to the kingdom of heaven
2:10 5:19 Believers must keep all of the commandments; to break one is to break all
2:11 5:21-22, 27 The commandment against murder and adultery
2:13 5:7; 6:14-15 The merciful will be shown mercy; the unmerciful will be shown no mercy
2:14-26 6:1-3; 7:21-23 Give freely to those in need; faith without action is dead and worthless faith
3:12 7:16-20 The fruit a tree produces represents what kind of tree it is as the works a person produces represents the faith of that person
3:18 5:9 Blessing of peacemakers
4:2-3 7:7-8 God grants the prayers that are petitions of good intent
4:4 6:24 One cannot serve both God and the world
4:8 5:8 To please God one must have a pure heart
4:9 5:4 Those who mourn
4:11-12 7:1-5 Warning against being judgmental
4:13-14 6:34 Tomorrow is uncertain; it is in God's hands
5:1-6 6:19-21 Curse of the selfish rich
5:9 5:22; 7:1 God is the judge
5:10 5:10-12 Blessing for those who endure persecution
5:10 5:12 The prophets: our example of suffering and perseverance
5:12 5:33-37 Avoid making an oath (vow) unless you can faithfully keep it - do not swear by heaven or by earth. You will be judged on the fulfillment of your oaths.
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