Six days before the Passover, Jesus went to BethanyJohn 12:1
[note: the Jewish day begins at sundown]
Day #1: Saturday, 9 Nisan [also Abib]

Arrival in Bethany.
Dinner with Mary, Martha, Lazarus and the Apostles.
Mary of Bethany anoints Jesus' feet [John 12:1]
Day #2: Sunday, 10 Nisan

The triumphal entry into Jerusalem
[Mt 21:1-11; Mk 11:1- 11; Lk 19:28-44; John 12:12-19]
Jesus cleansed the Temple [Mt 22:12-17].
*8 days from entry into Jerusalem to resurrection!
The Passover lambs are chosen for sacrifice
[see Ex 12:3]
Day #3: Monday, 11 Nisan Jesus curses the fig tree [Mt 21:18-19; Mk 11:12-14]
Jesus cleanses the Temple again [Mt 21:10-17; Mk 11:15-18;* Lk 19:45-48] and continued to teach in the temple [Mt 21:23].
Day #4: Tuesday, 12 Nisan Jesus teaches at the Temple: a day of controversy and parables [Mt. 21:23-24:51; Mk 11:27-13:37; Lk 20:1-21].
Day #5: Wednesday, 13 Nisan Dinner at Bethany at the home of Simon the Leper.
An unnamed woman anoints Jesus' head [Mt 26:6-13; Mk 14:3-9].
Judas betrays Jesus [Mt 26:14-16; Mk 14:10-11; Lk 22:3-6]
Day # 6: Thursday, 14 Nisan The Feast of Passover also called the Feast of Unleavened Bread in the 1st century AD. Passover was the first day of the celebration that lasted for a Week known as Unleavened Bread [8 days total]; both names are used [see Mk 14:12].
Preparation for the Sacred Meal [Ex 12:1-20; Lev 23:5-8; Num 9:1-14; 28:16-25; Mt 26:17-19; Mk 4:12-16; Lk 22:7].
The Temple liturgy began at 12 noon and the Passover lambs and kids are sacrificed at the Temple 3pm, the 9th hour Jewish time [Mk 14:12]
Day #7: Friday, Nisan 15

[Every Friday is called "Preparation Day" because it is the day to prepare for the Sabbath]. At Sundown on our Thursday the Jewish Friday began, the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread which lasted from 15-21 Nisan [Ex. 12:17-20; Lev 23:5-8].
The Feast of Unleavened Bread begins at Sundown [our Thursday night] with the Passover meal [Ex 12:17-20; 13:3-8; Lev 23:5-8; Num 9:1-14; 28:16-25]
Jesus and His disciples celebrate the Last Passover and the First Eucharist. Sundown is the beginning of the Jewish Friday but our Thursday night [Mt 26:20-35; Mk 14:22-25;Lk 22:15-20; Jn 13:1-20].
Jesus and the disciples withdraw to the Garden of Gethsemane on the Mt.of Olives [Mt 26:36-46; Mk 14:32-33; Lk 22:40-46; Jn 18:1].
Jesus is arrested [Mt 26:47-56; Mk 14:43-50; Lk22:47-53; Jn 18:2-12].
Dawn: He is condemned by the Jewish court, the Sanhedrin [Mt 26:57-75; 27:1-2; Mk14:53-65; Lk 22:54-55; 66-71; Jn 18:24].
Jesus is taken to Pilate the Roman governor [6th hour Roman time = 6AM] at the Antonia Palace [Mt 27:1-2; Jn 18:28-32; Mk 15:1; Lk 22:66-23:1].
Pilate sends Him to Herod Agrippa I [Lk 23:6-12] Jesus is crucified at 9AM, the 3rd hour Jewish time [Mk 15:25].
The 1st daily Tamid lamb is sacrificed at the Temple on the 3rd hour Jewish time, our time 9AM
12 noon [6th hour Jewish time] the sky turns dark and remains dark until 3PM [9th hour Jewish time].[Mt 27:45; Mk 15:33; Lk 23:44
At 3PM, the 9th hour Jewish time, the 2nd Tamyid Lamb is sacrificed at the Temple and Jesus gives up His life on the altar of the Cross [Mt 27:45-50].
The veil that covers the Holy of Holies in the Temple is torn in half [Mt. 27:51; Mk 15:37; Lk 23:45].
JESUS: from the tomb to the Resurrection
Day #1 in the tomb Friday afternoon Jesus is laid in the tomb of a rich man.
The tomb is sealed
[Mt 27:57-61; Mk 15:42-47; Lk 23:50-55; Jn 19:38-42].
Day #2 in the tomb Saturday Jesus descends to the abode of the dead and
Preaches the Gospel of salvation
[1 Peter 3:19-20; 4:6].
Day #3 in the tomb Sunday dawn The Jewish Feast of Firstfriuts: Jesus is raised from the dead!
[Lev. 23:9-15; Mt 28:1-8; Mk 16:1-8; Lk 24:1-10; Jn 20:1-10]

* During Jesus' three year ministry there were three temple cleansings near the time of passover: 1. The first year of His ministry (Jn 2:13-16). 2. In the third year of His ministry on Sunday after His entry into Jerusalem (Mt 21:12-13). 3. In the third year of His ministry on Monday after His entry into Jerusalem and after cursing the fig tree (Mk 11:15-17).

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