Saul consolidated his rule over Israel and made war on all his enemies on all fronts: on Moab, the Ammonites, Edom, the king of Zobah and the Philistines; whichever way he turned, he was victorious.  He did great deeds of valor; he defeated the Amalekites and delivered Israel from those who used to pillage him. 
1 Samuel 14:47-48
Some of Israel’s  Battles during Saul’s Reign
Battle Victor Description Scripture
Jabesh-Gilead Israel Saul delivered the people of Jabesh from the Ammonites. 1 Samuel 11:1-11
Gibeah Israel Jonathan killed the Philistine governor at Gibeah and the Philistine garrison was driven out. 1 Samuel 13:3-4
Michmash Israel Philistines defeated by Jonathan and Saul 1 Samuel 14:6-23
Amalek Israel Saul’s forces defeat the Amalekites 1 Samuel 15:1-9
Valley of Elah (Terebinth) Israel David kills Goliath and Israel defeats the Philistines. 1 Samuel 17:40-52
Mt. Gilboa Philistia Israel is defeated. Saul and his sons are killed. 1 Samuel  31:1-13

Other enemies are only given a brief mention in 14:14-47 and include wars with other kingdoms including Moab, Edom, and the king of the independent Aramaean city-state of Zobah.

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