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The Old Covenant Priesthood as Sons Levi
The New Covenant Priesthood of God the Son

From chapter 8:1 to 10:18 the inspired writer of Hebrews will make his argument for both the superiority of the priesthood of Jesus Christ and the New Covenant by presenting a series of contrasts:

His focus will be the superiority of God's sworn oath [Psalm 110:4; Hebrews 6:13-17] over the old Law:

The Old Covenant Priesthood contrasted with the New Covenant High Priest in Hebrews chapters 5-8

Sons of Levi God the Son
Service in the earthly "shadow" sanctuary Service in the true heavenly sanctuary
Based on heredity Based on divine Sonship and an unchangeable oath [Psalm 110:4]
Daily Sacrifices to atone for the debt of sin [the daily sacrifice of Exodus 29:38-42] One perfect sacrifice offered in atonement and as a "surety" or guarantee for the debt of sin
Sacrifices offered for themselves (sinners) One sacrifice offered of Himself (sinless)
Sacrifices only for the sins of Israel One sacrifice for all men
Priesthood limited time of service Eternal service
Temporal blessings Eternal blessings
Death ended service Death began service
Made with human hands Created by God
A copy and shadow of the heavenly reality The true eternal sanctuary
Served by many mortal priests offering continual sacrifices Served by one eternal priest offering one perfect sacrifice

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