Some of the Old Testament prophesies concerning Christ's death fulfilled in John's Gospel

We had all gone astray like sheep, each taking his own way, and Yahweh brought the acts of rebellion of all of us to bear on him. Ill-treated and afflicted, he never opened his mouth, like a lamb led to the slaughter-house, like a sheep dumb before its shearers he never opened his mouth. Isaiah 53:6-7

Aspects of Jesus' Death in John's Gospel Old Testament Reference
A result of obedience to the Father 18:11 Psalms 40:8
Announced by Christ 18:32 [3:14] Numbers 21:8-9
Betrayed by a friend John 13:18 Psalm 41:9
Died in place of His people 18:14 Isaiah 53:4-6
Died with evildoers - 19:18 Isaiah 53:12
Was an innocent victim 18:39; 19:5,7 Isaiah 53:9
Was crucified 19:18 Psalms 22:16
Garment divided 19:24 Psalm 22:18
Side pierced 19:37 Zechariah 12:10
No bones broken 19:33-37 Exodus 12:46; Psalm 34:20 (21)
Was buried in a rich man's tomb 19:38-42 Isaiah 53:9
Healed by the Christ
lifted up on the cross 3:14-17
Wisdom 16:5-7
(referencing Numbers 21:4-9)

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