It was Yahweh's command that Jeremiah perform a series of prophetic acts to prophesy future events.  In Hebrew this is known as an ot.  Jeremiah became a living parable revealing the sins of the people and foretelling future events.  Jeremiah gives 12 different homilies and 10 different such object lessons for the people:

Jeremiah 1:11, 12 Branch of an almond tree God will carry out His threats of punishment
Jeremiah 1:13 Boiling pot tilting away from the North God will punish Judah with an invasion from the North
Jeremiah 13:1-11 A ruined linen belt Because the people refuse to listen to God they had become useless like a ruined linen belt.
Jeremiah 8:1-17 The Potter's Clay God will destroy His sinful people He had created unless they repent before it is too late
Jeremiah 19:1-12 Broken clay jars God will smash Judah just as Jeremiah smashed the clay jars.
Jeremiah 24:1-10 Two baskets of figs Good figs represent God's holy remnant.  Poor figs are the people left behind
Jeremiah 27:2-11 The Yoke A nation who refuses to submit to Babylon's yoke will be destroyed
Jeremiah 32:6-25 The purchased field Yahweh commands Jeremiah to purchase a field in the city of Jerusalem just before the fall of the city as a sign that the people will return to their land
Jeremiah 43:8-13 The Large Stones The stones marked the place where the Babylonian king will set his throne when God allows him to conquer Egypt.
Jeremiah 51:59-64 The Scroll sunk in the river Babylon will also be judged by Yahweh and will sink and rise no more.

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