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Agape Bible Study Maps

Maps on the Agape Bible Study Web site are based upon Google maps. Therefore the maps on this site allow for the following functions:
  1. Zoom - using the control bar on the left side of the map, it is possible to zoom in or zoom out on the map
  2. Map move - click and hold the right mouse button and move the map to inspect any area of the map. This is of greater value when "zoomed in"
  3. Explanation Dialogs - All markers on the map have an associated window that explains about the marked location. To activate the window click on the marker, or click on the locations listed on the left hand side of the map.
  4. Show or Hide - elements that can be shown or hidden are listed on the left hand side of the screen with check boxes. Typically the items that can be shown or hidden are ancient political boundaries, shore-lines or routes.
  5. Map Displays - Maps come up with the "satellite view" but view of current day terrain and current day political boundaries are available by clicking on the buttons on the upper right hand side of the map.
Map Description
Using Maps An overview of the functions available on maps at Agape Bible Study
Mesopotamia Mesopotamia from 3000BC to 1750 BC
Ancient Egypt Egypt and the Levant 3000BC to 332BC
Abraham's Journeys The Route followed by Abraham from Ur of the Chaldees through Syria, past Jerusalem and into Egypt. Major cities of the time are also marked.
Exodus Routes from Egypt Possible routes from Egypt to Mt.Sinai then on to Kadesh.
The Roman Empire Outline of land conquered by the Roman Empire in 70AD.
Churches of Revelation The seven churches to whom John writes his prophetic message, "The Revelation of Jesus Christ"


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