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St Paul the inspired author of the first Letter to the Corinthians Agape Bible Study
The First Letter to the Corinthians

St. Paul arrived in the prosperous city of Corinth on his second missionary journey in 51/52 AD. He spent eighteen months preaching successfully in Corinth and converting the head of the local Jewish Synagogue along with many other Jews and Gentiles. Paul was on his third missionary journey and staying in Ephesus when he received a letter from Corinth concerning problems within the church and asking for Paul's instruction. His response was his First Letter to the Corinthians, written in about 54 AD. Paul urged them to correct abuses in their faith community by promoting holiness and unity, and he answered their questions concerning morality, marriage, celibacy, the Eucharist, and the resurrection of the body. Many of the problems facing the Corinthian Christians are the same problems we experience in defending our faith and the teachings of the Church against the moral attitudes of modern society. Paul's Holy-Spirit guided instruction to the Corinthians continues to be relevant to us in our faith communities today.

Lesson Number Date Description Handouts
Lesson 1 March 8, 2017 Introduction and Chapter 1-2 Handouts
Lesson 2 March 15, 2017 Part I: Addressing the Community's Problems
Chapters 3-4
Lesson 3 March 22, 2017 Part I: Addressing the Community's Problems Continued
Chapters 5-6
Part II: Answers to the Corinthians' Questions
Chapter 7
Lesson 4 March 29, 2017 Part II:
Answers to the Corinthians' Questions Continued
Chapters 8:1-11:1
Special Lesson April 5, 2017 On site presentation of
Jesus' Last Week in Jerusalem
No Lesson April 12, 2017 Holy Week  
Lesson 5 April 19, 2017 Chapters 11 and 12 Handouts
Lesson 6 April 26, 2017 Part III: Correcting Problems in Liturgical Worship/Doctrine and Conclusion
Chapters 14-16


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