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The Second Book of Samuel

The second book of Samuel begins immediately after Saul's death when David becomes the king of Judah and later the king of the United Kingdom of Israel. The book can be divided into three parts. Part I covers chapters 1:1-11:1 and deals with David's triumphs in driving out the last of Israel's enemies and in consolidating his rule over the twelve tribes of Israel with Jerusalem as his capital. Part II, in chapters 11:2-20:26, deals with David's struggles and tragedies within his nation and within his family, including his sons' intrigues concerning the succession. Part III is an appendix consisting of several stories from David's outlaw period to his years as Israel's king. The book ends dramatically with David's offer of self-sacrifice to save his people from the wrath of God and with the building Yahweh's holy altar on the height of Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. The building of God's sacrificial altar on Mount Moriah is a prelude to the building of the Jerusalem Temple in 1 Kings by David's son and heir, Solomon. The main theme of the book is David as God's "messiah/anointed one" who is Yahweh's instrument in moving forth His plan for mankind's salvation. In this sense David is the precursor for his descendant, Jesus of Nazareth Mt 1:1), for it is in David's role as God's anointed that the tradition of royal messianisam begins (see 2 Sam 7:10-17) and which will climax in Jesus' self-sacrifice on a lower elevation of Mt. Moriah for the salvation of all humanity.
References for the course are found in the Course Bibliography.
Lesson Number Chapters Description Handouts
Lesson 1 Chapters 1-3 David becomes King of Israel Handouts
Lesson 2 Chapters 4-6 David is Anointed King of Israel and
Jerusalem Becomes the Capital City of the Nation
Lesson 3 Chapters 7-10 The Davidic Eternal Covenant
and David Continues to Secure the Kingdom
Lesson 4 Chapters 11-13 David's Sin and
the Beginning of David's Tragedies
Lesson 5 Chapters 14-16 Absalom's Rebellion Handouts
Lesson 6 Chapters 17-20 Absalom's Defeat and David's Victory Handouts
Lesson 7 Chapters 21-24 Part III: Supplements Handouts


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