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New Testament Gospel Charts used by Agape Bible Study Lessons

The New Testament charts are for use as a general resource.
The Bible Studies refer to the charts through links in the lessons.
As a rule these charts are also supplied as handouts
for the classroom studies. For an overview of the
Bible Studies please refer to the Bible Studies List
Comparision between the Birth of St. John and Jesus
Harmony of the Gospels
The Crucifixion
Harmony of the Gospels
The Resurrection
Hours of the day and watches of the night in Jerusalem
In Defense of Three Temple Cleansings
In Defense of Two Dinners at Bethany
Matthew 24 Fulfilled Historically
Prophecies concerning the Messiah's Death fulfilled in John's Gospel
Prophetic Importance of Jonah in the Gospels
Synoptic Gospels vs Revelation
The 7 days and the 7 I AMs of John's Gospel
The Beatitudes
The Focus of the Four Gospels
The Men Named James in the New Testament
Timeline 30 - 70 AD


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