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Agape Bible Study - The Beatitudes

The lessons are organized into subjects of one week study per lesson
This course is a study of the plan Jesus presented in His Sermon on the Mount
for the radical transformation of hearts and lives in the blessings known as The Beatitudes.
All references for the course are found in the Course Bibliography
A short summary of the course is in the course introductory letter
Lesson Number Description Handouts
Lesson 1 Prelude to Pentecost 4 Handouts
Lesson 2 Two Beatitude Sermons 1 Handout
Lesson 3 Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit 3 Handouts
Lesson 4 Blessed Are Those who Mourn 2 Handouts
Lesson 5 Blessed Are the Meek 4 Handouts
Lesson 6 Blessed Are Those who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness 2 Handouts
Lesson 7 Blessed Are the Merciful 3 Handouts
Lesson 8 Blessed Are the Pure in Heart 3 Handouts
Lesson 9 Blessed Are the Peacemakers 2 Handouts
Lesson 10 Blessed Are the Persecuted 3 Handouts


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