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Agape Bible Study - The Letter to the Hebrews

The lessons are organized into subjects of one week study per lesson
This course is a study of the Letter of the Hebrews
All references for the course are found in the Course Bibliography
The course overview is found at About the Letter to the Hebrews
Lesson Number Description Handouts
Lesson 1 Introduction Letter to the Hebrews 11 Handouts
Lesson 2 The Exordium
The Enthronement of the Incarnate Son
2 Handouts
Lesson 3 The Exordium Continued
The Son is Greater Than The Angels
1 Handout
Lesson 4 Redemption is Only Through Christ 2 Handouts
Lesson 5 Do not Harden Your Hearts if you want to enter God's Rest 2 Handouts
Lesson 6 Jesus the Compassionate Preist
King of the New Covenantal Order
5 Handouts
Lesson 7 Jesus the Eternal High Priest of the Eternal Sacrifice 2 Handouts
Lesson 8 The Royal Priestly Primogeniture of Melchizedek and
Jesus over Abraham and the Levitical Priesthood
3 Handouts
Lesson 9 Jesus Christ: High Priest of the Heavenly Sanctuary 2 Handouts
Lesson 10 The Old and New Covenants Contrasted 2 Handouts
Lesson 11 Contrasting the Old Priesthood's Repeated Sacrifices with Christ's One Eternal Sacrifice 2 Handouts
Lesson 12 Roll call of Heroes and Heroines of the Faith 3 Handouts
Lesson 13 God's Fatherly Discipline,
the Promise of the Heavenly Jerusalem and the Unshakable Kingdom
2 Handouts
Lesson 14 Christian Love in Service and Sacrifice
The Final Blessing
2 Handouts


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