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Documents and Resources for Agape Bible Study
New Testament

The documents listed here are used in the Bible Study lessons
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Biblical Events that Prefigured Our Baptism in Christ
Covenant Treaty Format Comparison of Revelation and Matthew's Gospel
The Crucifixion of the Christ
Dating the Birth of Jesus of Nazareth
The Feast of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist
Historical Evidence on the Existance of Jesus
How Many Hours Did Jesus Suffer on the Cross?
Identifying the Biblical Town of Emmaus
Jesus' Last Week in Jerusalem
Jesus' Last Week in Jerusalem to His Ascension
Jewish Religious divisions 1st Century AD
Saint Paul - Apostle to the Gentiles
The Chronology of the events of Holy Week
The Title "Son of God"
The Virgin Mary's Role in Salvation History
Was the Last Supper a Sacrificial Meal
Was the Star of Bethlehem Really a Star


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