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The Book of Ruth

In the Book of Ruth, Naomi and her Gentile daughter-in-law Ruth return to Israel from the land of Moab as impoverished widows, settling in the family's ancestral homeland, the village of Bethlehem in the tribal lands of Judah. After enduring hardship, but remaining faithful to her mother-in-law, the book reaches it climax when Naomi's kinsman Boaz agrees to Ruth's request that he accept the responsibility of a Go'el Haddam (Blood/Kinsman Redeemer). Boaz does this by meeting all the necessary qualifications and redeeming Naomi's lands within the tribe of Judah by linking the redemption of Naomi's land to a levirate marriage with Ruth (Num 36:5-9; Dt 25:5-10). The main theme of the book is God's involvement in the lives of His covenant people and in the lives of those people outside the covenant who seek to know Him. The providence of God in the book foreshadows the redeeming work of Jesus Christ in calling all peoples of the earth to salvation (Jews and Gentiles) through His saving act on the altar of the Cross as the "Blood/Kinsman Redeemer" to all men and women of every age. All references for the course are found in the Course Bibliography.
Lesson Number Chapters Description Handouts
1 1:1-1:22 Introduction
Ruth Entrusts her Life to Naomi
4 Handouts
Lesson 2 2:1-3:5 Ruth's Life in Bethlehem 2 Handouts
Lesson 3 3:6-4:22 Boaz Becomes Ruth's Blood Redeemer 1 Handout


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