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Documents for Agape Bible Study

The doctrine documents listed here are used in the Bible Study lessons
For an overview of the Bible Studies refer to the Bible Studies List
Are All Statements From Ecumenical Councils Infable Pronouncements
Catholic Apologetics Resource
Commemoration of All Souls, Solemnity of All Saints and related subjects
Creation Theories and What Catholics Must Believe
The Holy Creeds: Confessions of Faith and Praise
The importance of The Creed in the Year of Faith
Defining Salvation and its Four Individual Aspects
Did Jesus Have to Suffer to Save Mankind?
The Procession of the Holy Spirit and the Filioque Clause
Greek Philosophy and Christian Doctrine
Heresies Concerning Christ
Is Salvation Possible Outside the Church
Is the Eucharist a True Sacrifice?
Mystery of the Triune God
Saint Athanasius: On the Most Holy Trinity
St. Irenaeus' Four Authorities for the Revelation of Jesus Christ to His Church
The Four Marian Dogmas
The New Eve of the New Covenant
The Virgin Mary's Role in Salvation History
The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary
St. Vincent of Lerins: The Development of Doctrine in the Catholic Church
Why the Church is Both Roman and Catholic
Was it God's Plan That the Christ Should Suffer and Die for the Salvation of Man
What Does It Mean When the Church Gives an Infallible Teaching
Was the Last Supper a Sacrificial Meal


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