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St Paul the inspired author of the Second Letter to the Corinthians Agape Bible Study
The Second Letter to the Corinthians

Many Biblical scholars agree that no other letter written by St. Paul demands more study and reflection than the second canonical letter he wrote to the Church at Corinth, Greece. The letter reveals both Paul's love and his frustrations concerning the faith community he founded. In Paul's admonishments and encouragements, we see an early Christian community that struggled with many of the same issues that Christians face today. Through the study of this letter, we also come to a deeper appreciation of Paul's inspired insight into how, in His divine love, God reached out to a fallen humanity through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit.
All references for the course are found in the Course Bibliography.

Lesson Number Chapters Description Handouts
Lesson 1 Chapters 1-2 Part I: Introduction and St. Paul's Relationship with the Corinthian Christians Handouts
Lesson 2 Chapters 3-4 Part I: St. Paul's Relationship with the Corinthian Christians
A New Covenant and a New Ministry
Lesson 3 Chapters 5-7 Part I: St. Paul's Relationship with the Corinthian Christians
Paul's Ministry of Reconciliation and Resolution of the Crisis at Corinth
Lesson 4 Chapters 8-10 Part II: Alms for the Church in Jerusalem
The Generosity of the Corinthian Christians and God's Indescribable Gift
Part III: Paul Defends His Relationship with the Corinthian Church
Lesson 5 Chapters 11-13 Part III: Defense of Paul's Ministry and Conclusion Handouts


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