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Agape Bible Study - The Pentateuch Part 3
The Book of Leviticus

The lessons are organized into subjects of one week study per lesson
This course is a study of the Book of Leviticus
All references for the course are found in the Course Bibliography
The Book of Leviticus is the third of five parts which comprise what Scripture calls "The Book of Moses." Over the period of a single month Moses received the different classifications of blood sacrifice, the purity rites, the feast days and Holy Days of Obligation that defined liturgical worship in God's Sanctuary for the children of Israel. Please join us in the study of the Old Covenant rituals that defined authentic worship in sacrifice, atonement, and restoration of fellowship with God. Those rituals, given by divine command in the Book of Leviticus, are the theological foundation of the atoning work of Jesus Christ in the New Covenant and are the basis of Christian faith and doctrine.
Lesson Number Chapter Description Handouts
Lesson 1 1 - 2 Divine Instruction in the Ritual of Sacrifice Part I 3 Handouts
Lesson 2 3:1 - 5:13 Divine Instruction in the Ritual of Sacrifice Part II
Yahweh's Instructions for Individual Communion Sacrifices and the Different Classes of Sin Sacrifices
2 Handouts
Lesson 3 5:13 - 6:23 Divine Instruction in the Ritual of Sacrifice Part III
Yahweh's Instructions for Sin Sacrifices, for Sins of Reparation and the Priesthood and Sacrifice
2 Handouts
Lesson 4 7 - 8 Divine Instruction in the Ritual of Sacrifice Part IV:
Priesthood and Sacrifice continued and The Ordination of the Priests
1 Handout
Lesson 5 9 - 11 The Liturgy of Worship in the Desert Sanctuary and
The Rules Concerning the Clean and Unclean Animals
2 Handouts
Lesson 6 12 - 14 The Rules Concerning Purification 3 Handouts
Lesson 7 15 - 16 The Rules Concerning Personal Uncleanness and
The Day of Atonement
2 Handouts
Lesson 8 17 - 19:18 The Holiness Code Part I 3 Handouts
Lesson 9 19:19 - 21:24 The Holiness Code Part II 3 Handouts
Lesson 10 22 - 23 The Holiness Code Part III
Holiness in Consuming Sacred Food
The Sabbath and the Annual Holy Feasts
3 Handouts
Lesson 11 23 (Cont) The Seven Annual Feasts fulfilled in the Mission of the Messiah  
Lesson 12 24 - 25 The Instructions for the Holy Place, Death Penalty Cases and the Holy Year Feasts 4 Handouts
Lesson 13 26 The Covenant Blessings for Obedience and Warnings of Judgments for Disobedience in the Epilogue of the Holiness Code 2 Handouts
Lesson 14 27 Ten Laws Concerning Funding the Sanctuary through Votive Offerings and Tithes 1 Handout


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