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The Book of Jonah

The Book of Jonah is unique among the books of the prophets. The main theme of the Book of Jonah is God's sovereignty over all people and His divine plan to extend His gift of mercy and salvation beyond Israel to include the Gentile nations. In the New Testament, no other Old Testament prophet is named by Jesus more than the prophet Jonah. Jonah is the only prophet other than Jesus to come from the Galilee, and Jesus compares events in the Book of Jonah to His death, burial and resurrection. The story of Jonah foreshadows the mission of God the Son to extend God's mercy and forgiveness to humanity and to restore mankind to a greater intimacy of covenant unity than our first parents enjoyed before their fall from grace in Eden.
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Lesson 1 1 - 3 The Mission of the Prophet Jonah to Nineveh Handouts


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