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The First Book of Samuel

The events recorded in 1 Samuel Chapter 1 to 1 Kings Chapter 2 are among the most compelling accounts of the life of an individual in the Old Testament. David of Bethlehem in Judah was a shepherd boy who became a mighty warrior, a gifted poet and musician, an outlaw, a prophet, and the king of a united Israel. However, he is not depicted as a cardboard heroic figure. He is depicted as very human: generous, brave, and self-sacrificing but also self-serving, sensual, and subject, like all of us, to the temptations of sin. Yet, despite his occasional failures, David cherished his relationship with God above all else, and his greatest attribute was his willingness to humble himself before his God in complete submission to God's divine judgment and eternal will. It was this unique quality that endeared David to Yahweh and led to the formation of an eternal covenant with David that was fulfilled in the birth of the Messiah and Davidic descendant, Jesus the Christ.
References for the course are found in the Course Bibliography.
Lesson Number Chapters Description Handouts
Lesson 1 Chapters 1:1-4:1 Introduction and
History of the Last Judges of Israel
Lesson 2 Chapters 4-7 The Death of Eli and His Sons and
The Theft of the Ark of the Covenant
Lesson 3 Chapters 8-10 Samuel and Saul: The Institution of the Monarchy Handouts
Lesson 4 Chapters 11-13 The Political Transition from Samuel to Saul Handouts
Lesson 5 Chapters 14-15 The Heroism of Jonathan and the Decline of Saul Handouts
Lesson 6 Chapters 16-18 Saul and David Handouts
Lesson 7 Chapters 19-21 The Flight of David Handouts
Lesson 8 Chapters 22-24 David the Outlaw Handouts
Lesson 9 Chapters 25-27 The Death of Samuel and
David Extends Mercy to Saul a Second Time
Lesson 10 Chapters 28-31 The Philistine War Resumes and
The Death of Saul


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