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Old Testament Compared To The New Testament

The Old Testament vs New Testament charts are for use as a general resource.
The Bible Studies refer to the charts through links in the lessons.
As a rule these charts are also supplied as handouts
for the classroom studies. For an overview of the
Bible Studies please refer to the Bible Studies List
Chalice Judgments of Revelation Compared to Plagues of Egypt
A Comparison of the Promises Made to David and the Virgin Mary
Adam vs Jesus & Mary vs Eve Contrasted
Baptism Prefigured in Old Covenant
Comparison Between Genesis and Revelation
Comparison Between priestly orders of Old Testament and New
Contrast Between the Old and New Covenants
Holy Mountains of God
Isaiah's Messianic Prophecies
Jeremiah's Messianic Prophecies
Isaiah's Suffering Servant Fulfilled in Jesus of Nazareth
Jesus Christ the Old Testament Fulfillment of the Kinsmen Redeemer
Jesus, The Prophet Greater Than Moses
Mary the Ark of the New Covenant
Old and New Covenants Compared and Contrasted
The Old Covenant Priesthood as Sons of Levi Contrasted With the New Covenant Priesthood of God the Son
Old Testament Events Referenced in the New Testament
Old Testament Prophecies Concerning the Messiah's Death Fulfilled in St. John's Gospel
A Comparison Between the Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament
Parallels Between Visions of Revelation and Prophet Daniel
Parallels Between Visions of Revelation and Prophet Ezekiel
Prophetic Importance of Jonah in the Gospels
Seven Sacred Annual Feasts of the Old Covenant
St. John's Visions in Revelation Compared to Ezekiel's and Daniel's Visions
Symbolic Images of the Old Testament Prophets
The Divine Jubilee and the New Exodus
The Virgin Mary and the Virgin Eve Contrasted
Top 10 Old Testament References in the New Testament
Tower of Babel compared to Second Pentecost
Yahweh's Eight Covenants of the Old and New Testaments


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